HORPOL is a family business founded in 1979. From the beginning our company has specialized in designing and manufacturing car lamps, reflective devices and polymer-made elements. We focus on the lighting system for trucks, delivery vans, buses and agricultural machines. In our offer there are also lamps for trailers, carriages and special vehicles.


We sell our products both in Poland and foreign markets, distributing the goods to the aftermarket and vehicle manufacturers. The implementation of a new product is always based on the analysis of our customers’ needs and follows the latest trends which are predominant in the automotive industry. We also care about the environment as well as comfort and security of our clients. Our production procedures are in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, so as to provide our clients with high quality products.

The company consists of the following departments:

  • Department of design and technology
  • Quality control department
  • Photometric laboratory equipped with:
    • Goniometric station (to measure lamps light)
    • Colourimeter (measurement of colour light in lamps and reflective devices)
    • Station to test reflective devices (to measure the reflection coefficient of CIL)
    • Station to test lighting of number plate lamps (for the measurement of luminance on the surface of the number plate)
    • Photometric sphere for the calibration lamps (the bulb luminous flux measurement)
    • Spectroradiometer (measurement of colour and spectrum)
  • Toolroom department - preparing moulds, blanking dies, press tools, assembly line accessories making
  • Production department- polymer processing, sputter coating parts made from polymer
  • Production department- products assembly

We are a quality-driven company which puts its focus on the perfection of product creation at each stage of the production process. We value the trust of our trading partners and long-lasting cooperation.

If you have any questions concerning cooperation conditions, please contact our sales department:

phone: +48 52 349 43 08 ext. 23

e-mail: biuro@horpol.pl

HORPOL Company Team

We look forward to cooperation.

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