LZD 2342

LED multifunction rear lamp with a dynamic direction indicator

LZD 2342

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Multifunction rear lamp NAVIA is a 4-function lamp.

It is distinguished by modern design, which will undoubtedly give the vehicles a unique look.

It works well for vehicles of the following categories:

M - cars, buses

N - trucks

O - trailers, semi-trailers, special semi-trailers, truck trailers, special trailers

and many other.

LZD 2342 lamp is equipped with a dynamic direction indicator and has European approval certificate.

Number plate light is powered by a separate cable, which allows you to connect this light regardless of the position light.

Lamp functions:

- rear position light

- number plate light

- brake light

- direction indicator


LED light yes
Lamp category multifunction rear
Type HOR 94/B
Side universal
Voltage 12/24V
Cable 5x0,5mm2; 1,5m
Protection rating IP 68
LED quantity 61
Rear position light yes
Brake lights yes
Dynamic rear indicator yes
Number plate light on side yes

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